A Big Thank You.

A Big Thank You.

Even though I'm closed there are still daily orders coming through for my chemicals.

These are helping keep things ticking over and going towards paying for my unit rent (which I'm still paying) so reducing the impact on our savings.

I've moved pretty much all my products to my house so I can work from home, much to the dismay of my already cluttered garage!

I am starting to run out of bottles though. My 500ml empty bottles are long gone, however I still have lots of empty 1L bottles with lids and sprayers.

Every purchase you make helps keep a small business afloat. It's not about profits at the moment but just about keeping open and making sure overheads and household bills are paid without having to use our savings or credit cards and for that I really really want to thank each and every one of you who has shared a post, recommended me or bought a product. 


Ross, Fiona & Max