All My Own Stuff!

All My Own Stuff!

Hi folks,

So, after about 4 months of testing, checking, testing again and making sure I am 100% satisfied I now have my own range of car cleaning products that I am using for every detail and that you can also buy!

From shampoo to sealants I have all the stuff to keep your car looking as good as it should be.

My poor wife has been bottling and labelling till her fingers hurt to get the stuff ready, I was aiming for springtime and it's a testament to how much drive and determination she has to get everything in place at the same time so I have them 2 months earlier than I thought.

There's still some stuff to some such as wheel sealants, ceramic wax (getting to grips with wax pouring is just a nightmare as we've been finding out), window sealants and my own ceramics which is just for me and carefully selected detailers is all in the pipeline! 

I've had great feedback so far with people commenting on how there's nowhere in the Cumbernauld area to buy car cleaning products apart from Halfords so they're delighted to get some advice when buying their chemicals.

I am also looking to throw in some teaching days, possible new locations (just round the corner from my existing unit) and more availability this year is setting up to be my best yet, and as far as I'm concerned, this is just the start, I'm determined to be the undisputed best detailer in Glasgow, Lanarkshire infact lets make it Scotland!