An Electrifying Detail!

An Electrifying Detail!

What a pleasure this Tesla Model 3 was to detail, from the all glass roof, flowing lines, simple interior and not to mention no exhaust to polish Elon has definitely made a detailers dream car!

The car started out only a few weeks old so it was pretty much a blank canvas, after the usual safewash and decontamination I got the Model 3 into the unit under the lighting and discovered quite a few blemishes, however this is on par with all cars, new and old alike.

Most noticeable was the boot lid that had tell tale signs of wet sanding and buffer trails accompanied by pigtails from over aggressive polishing and/or dirty pads.

These were soon ironed out by a combination of Menzerna polishes and ShineMate pads using both a rotary and DA polisher, still, the entire car took over 10 hours of polishing to get it ready for it's ceramic coatings to lock in the epic paintwork underneath. 

All in I was just over 15 hours on this Tesla and inbetween ceramic coatings the wheels were removed and sealed (along with the calipers and hubs) and the interior..... oh that interior!

It's so beautifully simple, to the go-kart diameter feel of the steering wheel to the gigantic screen that covers everything from the speedometer to Netflix everything inside, which is very minimalist looks and feels pretty special, then the seats. I am fairly sure these are made from Unicorn hide, they're so unbelievably soft, beautiful to the touch and incredibly comfortable. 

I take it you can tell I fell in love with this Tesla?

To top it all off, I popped it on charge for the long standing, returning customer so when he picked it up there was a full battery, now that's what you call service!