An Unwanted But Much Needed Rest.

An Unwanted But Much Needed Rest.

Man this suck's doesn't it? First and foremost the loss of life and fear that loved ones might catch this horrid virus, then the impact it's had on life on a scale that we have never seen in a time that wasn't war!

One of the really irritating things that I have came across is the blatant disregard to government advice. Valeting/detailing is not an essential business and as such I have shut until further guidance is given. But to see people carrying on as if nothing is going on is an embarrassment and a slap in the face to all the NHS and emergency services that are trying to keep this country safe and prevent loss of life on an even bigger scale.

I had a rant on YouTube over detailers and valeters who have overnight become interior disinfectant specialists who are doing nothing more but giving people a false sense of security and making money from people's fear and anxiety. It is just plain wrong! I watched a valeter on my estate wash one family's 2 cars, including the interior without any PPE, move straight to the next door neighbour's car again with no PPE. Just plain wrong and in my opinion should be fined heavily.

I have had a few enquiries come through and after an initial quote and letting them know I will be in touch after I have reopened, I have been met with a response that they've found a detailer who is still open. It's rather irritating that I am losing out on income due to following government advice.

There is government support for self-employed sole traders, but therein lays a problem: are they paying tax and able to prove their income? I may be generalising a touch however if they were able to prove income then it's simple enough to prove to banks and claim for your 12 months interest free loan and then get it paid off when you get your loss of income paid, again unless you haven't been honest to HMRC!

Anyway back to what I've been up to, not much other than spending time with my wife and son which was sorely needed after working 24/7 for the past couple months. I'm starting to teach Max detailing tips and tricks on his Little Tikes Truck with a touch of maintenance on my pick-up truck. I'm trying to appreciate having the time to work on my own car for a change!

However, one major faux pas has been starting to get our back garden landscaped just prior to lockdown, work has stopped, sun's out and I can't use my back garden. Not that its stopping Max playing in the dirt with his diggers!

Business-wise the chemical sales are still ticking over nicely, albeit Eastern Western have closed so the ceramic coating sales have stopped and the shortage of bottles and printers shutting has meant I can't resupply my stock, but I have plenty at the moment. I was due to move into a new unit on the 1st April - bigger, better, even more lighting but this has been put on hold for the time-being.

The Mayhem Run was also postponed which personally was a real disappointment. I had been looking forward for months to getting set loose on some McLaren's and Lamborghini's but my time will still come.

Despite all this I have had a chance to relax, catch my breath, spend some good quality time with my family and enjoy a bottle (or two) of red wine - this is a rarity for me as I work constantly!

Moving forward from this I will be hitting the ground running. I should be back to back as this is the busiest time of the year for me but it is allowing me to plan and arrange the move to the bigger unit so the switch over is a seamless as possible.

Watch this space, I'll be back with a bang!

Look after you and yours in these trying times.