Charity Toy Drive.

Charity Toy Drive.

Well after a month of planning my charity toy drive went to plan, we even got a dry(ish) day that wasn't too cold.

What a reception, almost 40 toys donated to the wash event meaning that a lot of kids will wake up in the morning with some goodies.

Smyths toy store in the Glasgow Fort were even kind enough to donate £50 worth of vouchers, fantastic seeing such a large company taking notice and donating.

With Christmas tunes a'playing, mince pies, gingerbread and tinsel it was indeed a festive day at the unit!

All the toys were dropped off at the Kilsyth Community Foodbank and a chat with the volunteers, and a particularly friendly Staffie dog, really showed how much this meant to the families they support.

Warm an fuzzy feelings all round in the Blackbeard's household!