Limited Edition Range Rover "Fifty" 1 of 1970

Limited Edition Range Rover "Fifty" 1 of 1970

So where else would you want to bring a Range Rover that's a limited edition to be pampered? Of course it belongs with Blackbeard's Detailing where we are specialists in the butter soft paint that drapes over most Range Rovers.

This Range Rover was another returning customer who knows our high standard of work and as such wanted us to care for his new pride and joy.

It kicked off the usual way all our ceramic packages do, an extensive decontamination to strip the car of existing protection, tar spots, grime and other nasties you wouldn't want to get mixed up and in a fight with your polisher.

After the outside dirty work was completed the Range Rover was air dried by the Blo-GT the big brute was brought in where it was examined panel by panel to make sure there was no issues and paint depth readings were taken to provide me with an indication of the paint thickness and also helps me assess whether the paint is factory original.

Now begins the most satisfying process, the machine correction! I have carried out paint corrections on loads of Range Rovers, from the SVR, Autobiography, Vogue and others to this limited edition Fifty so I would say I qualify in being a Range Rover specialist when it comes to detailing them. I have it down to a fine art, to the pressure, pad, polish and even which polisher I choose for different sections of the car is all taken into account and really makes a difference on this paint which others sometimes struggle to get that glossy, deep and crystal clear finish.

The difference in the paintwork really is night and day, this again proving that even brand new cars can benefit massively from time spent on it by the right person to really give it that wow factor.

Afterwards, it is of course draped in our very own Blackbeard's Detailing Ceramics leaving the paintwork protected for years to come and providing a sacrificial layer to the delicate paint underneath. 

The finishing touches were then completed and the big handsome brute was treated to it's photoshoot and ready for collection.