That Damb Floor!

That Damb Floor!

Those that know me will know that I like everything to be spic and span, fit for purpose and look good. Because of this OCD, my flooring in the unit has bothered me for ages due to the previous owners failing to maintain it.

So after a full day spent cleaning, drying, scraping and preparing my floor for painting, I arrived the next morning with some floor paint to start the improvements.

All of my equipment was moved and the unit was a blank canvas, so I got started and a few hours later all was done and I locked up.

4 day's later..... still tacky. Worse still, I had a car booked in and it was dropped off waiting for me!!!

Plastic bags had to go down so the tyres wouldn't get damaged on the car and I had to deal with a sticky floor all day and unfortunately it ruined the smooth finish.

Not a happy detailer but you live and learn!