That Floor Finally!

Well after a good few months of that floor really really annoying me, well after all it isn't fitting for a place that should be an extremely clean working environment, I have gotten round to deep cleaning it with a chemical concoction, scraping up the damaged parts and painting over it again.

This time a wafer thin layer of paint making spreading it much thinner thus drying completely through, it is an oil based paint so once cured should be able to cope with the small traffic on it. Cars are only ever driven straight into the unit not turning etc so it should stay looking great.

This means a week off from detailing whilst the floor fully cures, can I manage? I'm sure my wife will find me other things to spend my spare time on lol.

Ontop of that new metal shelves put in my cabinet as there was a bit of wasted space in there and I'm now able to sort my ceramic coatings, machine polishers and chemicals in a locked caninet.