New Polisher and Mega Lighting!

New Polisher and Mega Lighting!

Hey Folks,

Been a while since I have done a blog post on here, this is just an update on what's new and some upcoming plans.

I have treated myself to a new Rupes Ibrid Nano polisher which has proved itself very quickly as an absolutely vital piece of kit.

I have also been looking into adding more lighting, yes more! I have had an electrician round with a view to making a lattice/honeycomb design on the ceiling with strip lighting for a dramatic and awesome covering around every angle, meaning I can pick up even the smallest of defects with ease.

Further to that I am due to pick up floor paint on Friday (25th October) and get my floor redone as it looks tatty and I like a clean working area. I can't have a surgically clean car in a dirty work area. I might also look at having my logo put onto the floor too.

More CCTV added covering the rear exit and it's all set up to be remote monitored so I can keep an eye on your car if it is in my care.

Anyway this is just a little update, thanks for reading.