Ahoy Wheel Cleaner

Ahoy Wheel Cleaner

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Ahoy is a non acidic water based wheel cleaner and makes quick work of brake dust.

Spray Ahoy directly onto your wheels before rinsing, if there is light soiling present rinse off after 30 seconds to remove contamination.

For heavily soiled wheels agitate with a soft brush prior to rinsing off.

Never allow Ahoy to dry on your wheels or sit on your cars bodywork.

Always test chemicals in a hidden area to ensure they are safe on your vehicles finish.

Remember to always wear gloves and eye protection whilst using cleaning chemicals.

Check out Blackbeard’s Detailing YouTube channel for more information and visual instructions.

Ahoy is available in 500ml and 1000ml bottles. 

Light Dirt = 25:1

Moderate Dirt = 10:1

Heavy Dirt = 5:1

Neat = Use with caution.