Gold Ceramic Package
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Gold Ceramic Package

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If you are wanting your car as close to flawless as possible with multiple polishing stages and protected with a 4 x layers of a hard Base Coat and 2 layers of a top boasting a permanent bond then select this package.

Time to complete 36+ hours over 2/3 days.

  • Wheels, tyres and arches cleaned, de-tar'd and iron removal.
  • Citrus pre-wash.
  • Snowfoam applied and left to dwell.
  • Badges, seals, fuel flap, boot gutter and door jams cleaned with brush.
  • Hand safe wash.
  • Tar removal.
  • Iron removal.
  • Body work massaged with clay bar.
  • Air and towel dry.
  • Engine bay degrease and dress. 
  • Paint inspection.
  • Multi stage correction.
  • Alloys and calipers ceramic coated (if calipers are painted).
  • 3 x base coat ceramic coating applied then finished with 2 top coats. 
  • Tailpipes polished.
  • Tyres and arches dressed.
  • Window rain repellent treatment.

A yearly protection detail is recommended to top up the hydrophobic effect and keep your coating protecting at it's optimal level.

You can pay for your full detail at time of booking or simply pay your £100 deposit and pay the rest on completion.