Man-O-War Top Coat 50ml

Man-O-War Top Coat 50ml

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Blackbeard's Detailing Man-O-War Ceramic Top Coat is a user friendly spray ceramic top coating that boasts upto 12 months protection.

Supplied in a 50ml atomiser glass bottle this will be enough to cover a A6 or 5 Series saloon sized car, if you have a larger vehicle please consider a 2nd bottle.

Extremely user friendly and tested beyond obsession this will be able to be applied by anyone.

Precautions still need to be taken, firstly the car needs to be out of direct sunlight and under cover during application and initial curing phase then no washing the car for 7 days to allow the coating to chemically cure.

  • Get your car fully decontaminated and spotlessly clean.
  • Get your bodywork condition as flawless as you wish to get it, remember once the coating is on whats underneath it is sealed in.
  • Wipe down all bodywork with a panel prep solution. 
  • Spray Man-O-War to one panel at a time and spread evenly over all the panel using an applicator pad, allow it to dwell on the panel and watch until the solvents evaporate then wipe away the excess ensuring it's all removed from the panel before moving to the next one. 
  • If you work one panel at a time the excess wipes off easily, leave it longer then apply more product and try again, once the solvents disappear you gain nothing by leaving the excess as the initial curing has already taken place.
  • You can reapply any remaining product on high risk areas like bonnet, roof etc after 3 hours.
  • Allow the car to cure in a covered area away from the elements for at least 7 hours.