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Blackbeard's Detailing

Microfibre Drying Towel

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A plush super absorbant microfiber towel designed for the purpose of drying your freshly washed car.

It can hold 4 times it's weight in water which makes drying a much easier and safer task compared to smaller microfibers or chamois leather as there's less contact needed to absorb the water.

To use correctly dampen the towel with clean water and lay on the flat panels and pull it along the surface, do the same with the vertical surfaces but allow it to hang against the bodywork. 

Do not rub to dry, this will cause marring on the bodywork. 

If the towel is dirty or gets dropped wash with a non biological liquid that doesn't contain fabric softener (do not use washing powder as if it doesn't fully dissolve these can scratch your paint) and allow to dry naturally.