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Blackbeard's Detailing

Shiver Me Timbers Shampoo

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Shiver Me Timbers is a wax, sealant and ceramic safe shampoo. It provides essential lubrication during your safe wash to help prevent marring and swirls.

Drop a small cannonball of Shiver Me Timbers into the ocean that is your bucket, blast your pressure washer into the bucket to make a sea of bubbles.

This shampoo is highly concentrated and contains no waxes or sealants so it is safe for all vehicle LSP.

After washing using the 2 bucket safe wash method thoroughly rinse off, do not allow the shampoo to dry on your car.

Always test chemicals in a hidden area to ensure they are safe on your vehicles finish.

Remember to always wear gloves and eye protection whilst using cleaning chemicals.

Check out Blackbeard’s Detailing YouTube channel for more information and visual instructions.

Shiver Me Timbers is available in 500ml and 1000ml bottles.

Light Dirt = 2000:1

Moderate Dirt = 1000:1

Heavy Dirt = 500:1

Neat = Do not use neat.