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Blackbeard's Detailing

Undercarriage, Arch, Suspension, and Brakes.

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An intensive hard hitting chemical decontamination of the punished areas that road salt likes to stick around in and accelerate corrosion.

This corrosion can prematurely corrode your chassis, brakes, suspension components and any other bare/exposed metal on the underside of your car.

Using a combination of chemicals, 80 degree water and 140 degree pressured steam your car is put on low access ramps and thoroughly cleaned of the winters harsh road salt and grime.

This is not a rust removal service, it is to remove the built up grime taking the undercarriage back to a clean surface so the upcoming road salt won't stick in the grime accelerating corrosion. Lanoguard is then applied after the deep clean, the underside is air dried then Lanoguard is applied to the undercarriage and arches to protect from the elements.