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Blackbeard's Detailing

Yo Ho Ho Hybrid Detailer

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Yo Ho Ho Hybrid Detailer is perfect to use as a spot remover for fresh bird poo and bug splatter, it provides lubrication to help reduce swirls but remember a safe wash is always your safest option.

Yo Ho Ho is also a great protection booster for your car and is compatible for use on ceramic coatings, wax and sealants or it can be used as a standalone product offering months of protection with easy application. 

Application 1. Spray Yo Ho Ho onto a clean microfiber applicator and spread about a panel in a crosshatch pattern, allow to haze then buff off, avoid getting Yo Ho Ho on rubbers and plastics.

Application 2. Spray diluted Yo Ho Ho onto a freshly cleaned and wet car avoiding rubbers and plastics, jet wash off immediately.

Application 3. Spray Yo Ho Ho directly onto contamination and wipe off with a clean microfiber, avoid getting Yo Ho Ho on rubbers and plastics.

Always test chemicals in a hidden area to ensure they are safe on your vehicles finish and ensure panels are cool to the touch.

Remember to always wear gloves and eye protection whilst using cleaning chemicals.

Check out Blackbeard’s Detailing YouTube channel for more information and visual instructions.

Yo Ho Ho is available in 500ml bottles